Nuclear Receptor Research


Nuclear Receptor Research: Contributions from Latin America

Author(s): Marcelo Henrique Napimoga1, Mario D. Galigniana2, Ana Carolina Migliorini Figueira3, Sergio A. Onate4, and Susana Castro-Obregon5

On behalf of the Editorial Board of Nuclear Receptor Research, it is a great pleasure to welcome you to the inaugural issue of the journalWe are proud to introduce the first thematic issue of many to come.

The fact that virtually every single aspect of cell function and the complex network of regulatory processes in an organism involve crucial roles by nuclear receptors is not surprising at the present time. Accordingly, thousands of studies are published every year in hundreds of journals with very broad spectra, making it difficult for researchers in the field to find specific information of interest to them. This is the reason why Nuclear Receptor Research was born; to gather in one journal most of the advances covering all facets of this cardinal group of regulatory transcription factors. Thus, Nuclear Receptor Research is intended to meet a crucial need of researchers in an ever expanding and exciting field that has shown an extraordinary progress since the late 1800s.