Nuclear Receptor Research


A Vibrant Forum to Showcase Global Efforts and Act as A Catalyst for Interdisciplinary Initiatives

Author(s): Mostafa Badr

There are thousands of articles published each year covering various aspects of nuclear receptors. These publications appear in a plethora of journals, virtually buried among an overwhelming volume of unrelated articles.

A group of prominent scientists active in the field of nuclear receptor research has concluded that gathering publications on this superfamily of receptors under one umbrella would provide an invaluable resource for a broad assemblage of scientists in the field. Thus, the idea for a new journal, Nuclear Receptor Research (NuRR)was born. I am pleased to share with researchers working in the field of nuclear receptors, basic scientists as well as clinicians, that NuRR is now a reality as an open access peer-reviewed journal devoted to publishing high-quality, original research and review articles covering all aspects involving all members of the nuclear receptor superfamily.

NuRR has an editorial board comprised of a group of renowned scientists in the field from the four corners of the globe. Board members are committed to make NuRR a vibrant forum showcasing global efforts in this ever-expanding area of research. It is hoped that NuRR will encourage collaborative studies as well as foster interdisciplinary initiatives within the field.