Nuclear Receptor Research (NuRR) is official sponsor for the conference "Nuclear receptors: From molecules to humans"

We are pleased to announce that Nuclear Receptor Research is the official sponsor for the conference "Nuclear receptors: From molecules to humans".

About the conference

Nuclear receptors are the best understood regulators of transcription. They play a role in a wide variety of developmental, physiological and pathological processes and have become important drug targets for many diseases. Research on nuclear receptors has been extremely competitive and innovative. The field has continuously expanded its boundaries and has had an enormous impact well beyond them, notably in transcription, development, epigenetics, signaling, metabolism, cancer, inflammation and more. The EMBO Conference, which takes place every other year, provides the opportunity to highlight several themes at the forefront of the field:

1- Understanding the details of the molecular mechanisms of nuclear receptor functions and the functions of the transcriptional coregulator complexes they recruit.

2- Understanding nuclear receptor action at the genome-wide and systems level both in terms of a fundamental understanding of gene expression and of understanding the concerted changes that occur during tissue differentiation, metabolic regulation and disease development.

3- Harnessing this knowledge to understand the role of nuclear receptors for health and disease in model organisms and humans.