Figure 3: Compositional bias of amino acids consistent with disorder within NR A/B region. Preferential occurrence of amino acids in NR A/B regions calculated with Compositional Profiler and represented on the y-axis as the fractional difference. Calculations were done with the experimentally-defined IDP cohort Disprot [68,70] and Swissprot databases to establish trend differences as (Comp_Disprot minus Comp_Swissprot) / Comp_Swissprot and (Comp_NRA/B minus Comp_Swissprot) / Comp_Swissprot, where Comp_NR A/B is the content of individual amino acids across 36 NR, and Comp_Swissprot is content of individual amino acids across in the reference Swissprot database. Calculation values below zero or over zero show under-representation or increased usage, respectively, in IDP/IDR. Amino acids are arranged on the x-axis by rank difference Disprot versus Swissprot comparison. Compositional profiler, CH and CDF plots were generated using NR N-term sequences from UniProt (