Figure 2: NR domain representation. Generic schematic of NR domains, not to scale. Subdomains A/B – E/F are labeled with associated features above schematic: AF-1, activating function 1; DBD, DNA binding domain; LBD, ligand binding domain; AF-2, activating function 2. The extreme length diversity of the A/B region for 41 NR (8 to 599 amino acids as retrieved from Prosite) across the superfamily is indicated by a box-and-whisker plot superimposed on an expanded generic A/B subregion below the full-length receptor schematic. For the A/B regions lengths, the central two quartiles (plotted “box") cover a length range of 63-140 amino acids (to-scale region lengths indicated by 100 unit vertical marker lines). The first and fourth quartiles (right and left “whiskers", respectively), extending from 8-62 and 141-201. Beyond the fourth quartile are 5 “outlier" lengths, mostly from the steroid NR3 group (blue circles ranging from 259-599).