Figure 5: Role of H11 in ERα-ERβ allosteric signaling. Conformation of H11 (purple) is altered in a ligand-dependent manner to produce distinct responses. A) THC induces a suboptimal conformation in ERα, supporting partial agonism (ERα-THC, PDB 1L2I). B) H11 of ERβ-THC complex is shifted, forcing H12 in the antagonist conformation (ERβ-THC, PDB 1L2J). C) Genistein, an ERβ partial agonist, also induces a similar suboptimal conformation of H11 (ERβ-genistein, PDB 1X7J). D) H524 (H10) links LBP to AF-2 by coordinating a hydrogen bond network (dashed lines) between bound ligands and H3, H6-H7 loop and H11, ultimately restricting H12 positioning.