Table 2: Effects of probiotic bacteria in obesity in human studies.

Probiotic Bacteria Used Study Model (Human) Major Findings Reference

Dietary supplementation with probiotics Dietary supplementation with probiotics/ placebo controlled Significantly alters the levels of DNA methylation in 38 obesity related genes in mothers and 68 genes in children. Vahamiko et al, 2018 [ 127 ]
L. salivarius UBL S22 and Prebiotic Fructoligosaccharide in healthy human volunteers Double-blind, placebo controlled Improvement in serum TGs and lipid profile ↓ inflammatory cytokines Rajkumar et al., 2015 [ 128 ]
Probiotic (S. thermophiles, L. plantarum, L. acidophilus, L. rhamnosus, B. lactis, B. longum and B. breve) and Bofutsushosan herb Double-blind, placebo controlled ↓ BW, waist circumference and Lipid profile (in HDL-cholesterol). Change in body composition is positively related to levels of LPS and L. plantarum Lee et al., 2014 [ 129 ]