Figure 1: The mechanism of glucocorticoid-induced lipolysis in adipocytes. Glucocorticoids activate several mechanisms to promote lipolysis in adipocytes. First, glucocorticoids decrease the expression of Pde3b, which results in the activation of cAMP signaling. Second, a list of lipolytic genes, Atgl, Hsl, and Mgll, are transcriptionally activated by GR. Angptl4 is another GR target gene, which encodes a secreted protein that binds to an unidentified receptor to stimulate cAMP production to activate lipolysis. Pik3r1 is an additional GR primary target gene that encodes a protein required for increasing PKA levels in the lipid droplet upon glucocorticoid treatment. Phosphorylation of Plin1 by PKA in the lipid droplet allows CGI-58 to dissociate from Plin1 and serves as an Atgl coactivator to promote lipolysis.