Figure 4: Spermatheca RNAi Phenotypes of NHR-6 Target Genes. A. Spermatheca of young adult N2 (WT) spermathecal. The spermathecal-uterine valve is indicated by the arrow, and the distal constriction is indicated by an asterisk. B. Young adult nhr-6(lg6001) mutant showing absence of both the spermathecal-uterine valve and the distal constriction. C. Spermatheca of young adult dcp-66 (RNAi) animal shows loss of normal morphology of the spermathecal-uterine valve and distal constriction, but spermathecal size (and cell number) is normal. This is the typical spermathecal morphology observed in animals displaying reproductive phenotypes in at least one of the mutant backgrounds. D. Spermatheca of young adult let-526 (RNAi) animal shows loss of normal morphology and a decreased organ size that is likely due to decreased cell number.