Table 2: Summary of transcription factor families, including NRs, utilized in TCGA analyses. Gene families and their members were downloaded from the HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee ( The average size of TF families examined = 48.15, approximately the size of the NR superfamily.

Transcription Factor Family ID n

Nuclear hormone receptors NR 48
Basic helix-loop-helix proteins bHLH 110
Basic leucine zipper proteins bZIP 43
E2F transcription factors E2F 8
Forkhead boxes FOX 43
GATA zinc finger domain containing GATA 15
General transcription factors GeneralTF 25
Helix-turn-helix ETS type domain containing ETS 28
High mobility group HMG 15
Homeoboxes Homeobox 257
Kruppel-like transcription factors KLF 17
SMAD family SMAD 8
Sp transcription factors SP 9