Table 1: Summary of data sets used for integrative analyses of the NR superfamily across the 6 tumor types indicated; Bladder (BLCA), Breast (BRCA), Colon (COAD), Head and neck (HNSC), Liver (LIHC), and Prostate (PRAD). All normalized data were downloaded directly through the UCSC Cancer Genomics Browser (

Tumor Type Dataset ID Data Type Tumor (n) Normal (n)

PRAD TCGA_PRAD_exp_HiSeqV2 Gene Expression 497 52
TCGA_PRAD_gistic2thd Copy Number Variation 492 NA
TCGA_PRAD_mutation_broad_gene Somatic Mutation 425 NA

BRCA TCGA_BRCA_exp_HiSeqV2 Gene Expression 1095 113
TCGA_BRCA_gistic2thd Copy Number Variation 1079 NA
TCGA_BRCA_mutation_curated_wustl_gene Somatic Mutation 982 NA

COAD TCGA_COAD_exp_HiSeqV2 Gene Expression 286 41
TCGA_COAD_gistic2thd Copy Number Variation 450 NA
TCGA_COAD_mutation_bcm_gene Somatic Mutation 217 NA

LIHC TCGA_LIHC_exp_HiSeqV2 Gene Expression 371 42
TCGA_LIHC_gistic2thd Copy Number Variation 370 NA
TCGA_LIHC_mutation_broad_gene Somatic Mutation 202 NA

HNSC TCGA_HNSC_exp_HiSeqV2 Gene Expression 519 43
TCGA_HNSC_gistic2thd Copy Number Variation 522 NA
TCGA_HNSC_mutation_broad_gene Somatic Mutation 508 NA

BLCA TCGA_BLCA_exp_HiSeqV2 Gene Expression 407 19
TCGA_BLCA_gistic2thd Copy Number Variation 408 NA
TCGA_BLCA_mutation_broad_gene Somatic Mutation 238 NA