Figure 2: Nuclear Receptors are downregulated in cancer. (A) Heatmap depicting the relative expression of all 42 NRs (rows) detectable in 1095 BRCA samples (columns) relative to the expression of NRs observed in a pool of 113 matched normal samples. Tumors with relative expression (Z-score) ≥ +/- 2 are considered significantly upregulated (red) or downregulated (green), respectively. (B) Bootstrapping results comparing the observed mean % of tumors with significantly disrupted expression for NRs relative to the background transcriptome in BRCA. Note that NRs are significantly upregulated less than is predicted by chance (P = 0.00065) and significantly downregulated more than is predicted by chance (P = 0.00179). (C) Pan-Cancer summary of NR expression patterns. Relative expression scores were determined by summing the Z-scores for a given gene in a given cancer and dividing by the square root of the number of tumors available for that tumor type.