Figure 3: Validation by RT-PCR of genes regulated by P4, RU486, and P4+RU486. Total RNA of U373 cells treated during 12 h with vehicle (V) (0.02% cyclodextrin), P4 (10 nM), RU486 (RU 1 µM), or P4 + RU was used for RT-PCR assays. PCR products were separated on 2% agarose gel, stained with gel red, and detected with UV light (upper panels). Densitometric analysis of different mRNAs expression was corrected by using data of 18S mRNA values. A) Heat Map of microarrays, B) GLIPR2, C) IL7R, D) SREBF1, E) IL18, F) TGFβ2, G) MAP1B, H) ANLN, I) HBG1, J) STARD4, and K) AOC3. Results are expressed as mean ± SEM n=3. *P<0.05 vs vehicle (V).