Figure 2: Gross pathology and histopathological examination of livers' tissues by H&E stain: Liver extracted from control rats showed normal liver features such as reddish brown color, normal size, smooth surface and regular edges with smooth consistency (Figure 2-1). Gross examination of liver tissues from CCl4 treated rats showed pale color and increased Glisson's capsules thickness (red arrow) as well as hard consistency (Figure 2-2&3). Rats treated with SOF (20 mg/kg/day orally) showed only some fat dots (red arrow) and slightly enlargement in size with normal color and regular margins (Figure 2-4). Rats treated with either DAC (30 mg/kg/day orally) alone or in combination therapy showed normal shape and color with soft margins and smooth consistency (Figure 2-5&6). Figure 2-A demonstrates liver section from control rats showing normal architecture of the hepatic parenchyma. Liver sections from rats injected with CCl4 for 2 weeks showing focal hemorrhage (black arrow) and periductal fibrosis (Figure 2-B&C). Examination of liver tissues from rats treated with CCl4 for six weeks showed highly thick and fibrotic Glisson's capsule (Figure 2-D) and fibrosis in portal area (black arrows) (Figure 2-E). Figure 2-F showed liver section from SOF demonstrating hyalinization of collagen fibers (black arrows) and congestion in the portal vein. Liver section of DAC group showed Fine fibrosis (Figure 2-G). Similarly, SOF and DAC treated rats showed only focal steatosis as well as fibrosis in the Glisson's capsule (black arrows) (Figure 2-H). Figure 2-I demonstrates liver section from SOF/DAC group showed normal liver architectures. The original microscopic magnification was 40×.